Vinyl Strip & Seal

Vinyl Stripping and Sealing

Vinyl floors are used in many places Childcare centers, Dental surgeries, Kitchens, Hospitals, Medical centres, veterinary clinics, Shopping Malls, schools, homes and many more places.

The surface of vinyl floors over time will loose its sheen or lustre due to scuffing from daily foot traffic and dirt that becomes ingrained from abrasions.

Just like any surface Vinyl needs maintenance and at KP’S we offer a service to strip back the old layers of sealer and apply fresh new coats in either high gloss or low sheen finish. We only use non toxic high quality products for a long lasting perfect finish.

If you want to get a longer life span from your vinyl flooring Sydney it is recommended for commercial floors to be stripped and sealed every 1-3 years depending on how much traffic.

When maintaining your floors it is always best to use a neutral ph cleaner. Remember sweep or vacuum up small abrasive materials before mopping to avoid scratching or marking your newly finished floors.