Rug Cleaning

kps-carpet-cleaning-sydney-2Your search for the renowned and trusted Rug Cleaning service provider ends here. KP’S carpet cleaning offers you comprehensive rug cleaning services at very nominal charges that exactly fit your budget and meets your expectations.

No matter what brand and type of rugs you have, our experts are highly skilled to clean each and every type of rugs. We are fully loaded with advanced cleaning equipment. Here are some rug types that we include in our service: Persian rugs, oriental rugs, area rugs, acrylic rugs, wool rugs, Chinese rugs, cotton rugs, silk rugs, Afghan rugs and more.

Your rugs are in safe hands:

Choosing us as your rug cleaning service provider, you are ensured your rugs in the hands of professional cleaners. We have years of experience in carpet and cleaning industry. Since our inception in 1997, we have been consistently serving the society. We take pride in our dedication towards our clients. The satisfaction of clients is paramount to us. We offer completely tailor made solutions to each client depending on their needs and preferences.

Our innovative steps that we follow during the rug cleaning process are highly effective in delivering results beyond the expectation.

1. We inspect the rugs to find out discoloration issues, stains, wear and tear issues, fading signs and odors.
2. After inspection our experts determine the best method to employ to get best results. Here the experts use best method to remove all minute particles of dust from your rug using compressed air and dry vacuuming method.
3. Thereafter, we remove stains and spills using the most advanced technique.
4. Depending on the condition of rug either we use steam or encapsulation cleaning or immerse the rug in water
5. Now we will hang up the rug for a time being to dry it completely in the climate control room.
6. After drying process, our experts will vacuum one more time to ensure that all leftover minute particles are eliminated from the rugs.

The end result is cleaned rugs with a fresh smell and new look.